Betty Crocker Bake-It-Easy 2 BC-1692 bread machine instruction manual and recipes

Here is the instruction manual for the Betty Crocker Bake-It-Easy 2 BC-1692 in pdf format.

Betty Crocker Bake-It-Easy 2 BC-1692 bread machine instruction manual 

And here is a scan of the Betty Crocker Bake-It-Easy 2 recipe book in pdf format:


I inherited my mom’s bread machine, but misplaced the instruction manual. I spent a few hours trying to locate a copy online to no avail. While searching I noticed that other people were also looking for the manual. My daughter located the manual and the recipe booklet in one of my mom’s tin boxes, so I decided to scan the manual in for posterity.

I read in a comment elsewhere that General Mills was the manufacturer of this bread machine and might still have a few old copies of the manual they might be willing to send out. You may want to try contacting them by phone if you want the original manual.

If anyone wants the accompanying recipe booklet scanned in as well please let me know here in a comment.

Happy bread making! 🙂

22 thoughts on “Betty Crocker Bake-It-Easy 2 BC-1692 bread machine instruction manual and recipes

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! We just dug out our bread machine after a long hiatus and no sign of either books. Your scans are a Godsend. Thanks again !

  2. Thank you. I inherited this machine 10 years ago and long wished for the recipes/manual. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Thanks a million! I found the manual, but couldn’t find my copy of the recipe book (it MUST be here somewhere). Thanks for saving my hide. 😉

  4. Thank you so much for scanning these booklets! I recently received the bread maker from my mom and didn’t even know where to begin!

  5. I moved 6 years ago and my boxes got mixed up with my son’s boxes. During this process I couldn’t find my manual and recipe books. Many many thanks for scanning the books. I haven’t been able to use my break machine. I has been sitting on my bakers rack hoping I find the books.
    Thank you again for doing this for all of us who have been looking on line for the books.

  6. So This was an exciting find this morning. Yesterday I spent all day looking through my “stuff” to find the directions because I usually save everything, but somehow during our move a few years ago the manual got misplaced or lost I should say, and when my husband got my bread maker out and cleaned it up perfectly, I can’t find the manual or recipe book. Thanks for your time doing this. B. Fisher

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