Eau de Pezimism (#5)

In my continuing–and still unsuccessful–quest to replicate a perfume called “Daphne,” by V’tae, I am up to attempt #5. Unfortunately, unlike Chanel, #5 was not successful in the way I had hoped.

My son insists that #5 reminds him of Pez candy. Being no candy connoisseur myself, I have reluctantly accepted his analysis as most likely correct. It is rather delicious, but still lacks certain elements of the V’tae perfume. I have–cough cough–attempted to ask V’tae to either bring the perfume back or divulge the recipe, but, alas, no response.

I am, nevertheless, documenting this little jewel for the enjoyment of the Pez aficionados. It reminds me more of Lemonheads. The good news is that it doesn’t smell like a cleaning product.


  • Rubber gloves (2)
  • 2.5 oz fine mist spray bottle (1)
  • Pipettes (8)
  • Ziplock baggies (8)
  • Sharpie marker (1)
  • Paper plates (2+)
  • Paper towels (4+)



  • 5 ml Ylang Ylang Extra essential oil
  • 4 ml Lemon Verbena essential oil or fragrance oil
  • 4 ml Lemon essential oil
  • 2 ml Litsea Cubeba essential oil
  • 1 ml Neroli essential or fragrance oil
  • 1 ml Rose Petals essential or fragrance oil
  • 1 ml Vanilla fragrance oil (essential oil doesn’t mix well and may stain)
  • 1 ml Sweet Almond Oil
  • Artisan perfume base (or vodka or Everclear)*

Lay out a few paper towels on your work surface. Place one paper plate in the center, for your spray bottle, and another off to the side, to hold oils and pipettes.

If you haven’t already,using the Sharpie marker, label one ziplock bag for each fragrance you intend to use, to hold the pipette, so you can reuse it next time and not combine fragrances. Or just throw away used pipettes.

Add all of the essential oils to the fine mist spray bottle, then add the sweet almond oil. Combined, they should fill the spray bottle about 25% to 30%.

Now add the artisan perfume base (alcohol) and shake.

Let perfume scents meld for at least 3 days, up to 30, before using. Lastly, smell Pezimistic.

* I get my artisan perfume base, some oils, and pipettes, among other things,  from here: http://rusticescentuals.com/Artisan-s-Perfume-Base.html

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